Young Adults

The Young Adult Community at Parksville Baptist Church is a great place to connect and work out your faith, grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ, study the Bible, and build encouraging friendships!

The Young Adult community is made up of those aged 18-25 and includes university students, those in the work-force, people pursuing the fine art of the job search, and more.  You are invited to join in ...

There are three ways to connect:

  1. DISCIPLESHIP GROUPS - weekly bible studies of no more than 15 that meet around the Oceanside area.  Find out more about the current opportunities HERE
  2. EVENTS - groups of young adults are constantly attending concerts, going on day-trips, and spending evenings at the beach.  The best way to find out what is happening is attending a Discipleship Group or checking out our facebook page.
  3. Post-THIRSTY - there are always spontaneous activities happening on Sunday night following the Thirsty service at Parksville Baptist Church.  Ask around or locate Pastor Dan King to find out if something is going on!

We look forward to meeting you!