Friday Nights

The PYM Junior High School Community gathers each week during the school year at Parksville Baptist Church on Friday nights.

It involves students in grades 6 to 8 and are a mix of fun (celebrating life with crazy games, competitions and lots of friends), teaching (practical talks that connect the Bible with real life and encourage students in their faith or exploration of faith), breakout group discussions every few weeks (where student connect with leaders in a smaller, more personal group) and worship times with our student bands!

Doors open each Friday at 6.45pm (starts at 7pm) and, although the night is free, we do encourage teens to check-in and register at the door so we know who has joined us.  The night concludes at 8.30pm.

We also strive to connect students who have embraced Jesus as God to attend PYM+ each Sunday morning where they’ll be encouraged in their spiritual growth personal relationship with God in a more in-depth way.

Join us this week!

'Discipleship Groups' are what we call our young adult bible studies at Parksville Baptist Church.

They meet throughout the Oceanside area and all share common elements, including a bible study, a leader or facilitator, and a time of prayer. Each group is unique in it's location and what the focus of the bible study time is.

Alternatively, if discipleship in a mutil-generational setting is what you are looking for, we highly recommend joining a Growth Group. These groups are offered on many different nights of the week and gather in homes across Oceanside. Find out more or sign up HERE.


Here's are our options for Discipleship Groups this semester:

 *  Studying the Book of Romans // Tuesdays at 6.30pm

  • Open to all
  • Space is limited so email Dan for more information

 * Various Bible Topics // Mondays at 7.00pm

  • Open to all
  • Rotates between two homes - check our facebook page for details

 * Guys Only // Mondays at 7.00pm

  • Meets at Rob Jackson's home
  • 3270 Grandon Rd, Qualicum (north of town)
  • call the church office to get Rob's number

 * Girls Only // Thursdays at 7pm


 * post-Thirsty gatherings // sundays at 7.30pm

  • almost every week following the 6pm "Thirsty" service at Parksville Baptist
  • check-in after the service with Pastor Dan
  • it's a bit spontaneous, so make sure to hunt us down and ask for the info!!

PYM Small Groups

The purpose of PYM High School small groups is to connect you with others Christians and to equip you in your growing faith in Christ.  It's on a deeper level than just “floating” in a big group like PYM mid-midweek gatherings can be. Sound interesting?

What are PYM Small Groups?
Small Groups are gatherings throughout the community of Oceanside for high school and middle school students who have committed their life to following Christ. These groups are made up of 6 to 12 students (same age-group and gender) that meet weekly with a caring adult leader.

Small Groups are a perfect place for you to form great friendships with other Christian students your age, build relationships with adult leaders and grow in your faith. Your group will be encouraged to establish accountability with each other, have consistent personal quiet times, get involved in ministry, and participate in service projects.

When and where do they meet?
PYM Small Groups meet in host homes throughout Oceanside on a variety of nights every week. Meeting in homes creates a warm, friendly atmosphere for sharing life together.

What does a typical night look like?
Each PYM Small Group will look different, but a typical night will include something like this: welcome / hang out / Bible study / discussion / prayer.

Being involved in a PYM Small Group will be an awesome time to grow closer to God; what better way to do that than by reading and studying the Bible? Every Small Group will get the chance to choose their study topic from a number of topics available.

Studies could include: prayer, following Jesus, making good decisions, purity, having healthy relationships, studying the Bible, dealing with temptation, living in godly community and more.

What about my leader?
PYM has incredible and trained adult volunteers who have all be screened and are ready to serve and teach high school and middle school students. Our PYM leaders are there to encourage, teach, guide, and help strengthen your walk with Christ. It may turn out to be the most significant relationship of your high school years!

How do I get involved?
If you have any questions regarding PYM Small Groups, please contact the PYM Office HERE

Wednesday Nights

The PYM High School Community gathers each week during the school year at Parksville Baptist Church on Wednesday nights.

It involves students in grades 9 through 12 and is a place where we celebrate life in a way that is fun for those who are already following Jesus, but is also welcoming to those who don't normally attend church or are interested in exploring Christianity.

Doors open each Wednesday at 7pm and a typical evening involves a drop-in time (get some homework done, play table games, Xbox or WiiU, an open gym, grab a bite to eat, or just hang out with your friends) some kind of fun group activity, music with one of our worship bands, teaching from the Bible that explores God, life and our culture, and often some breakout groups where you can process what's just been learning.

We also strive to connect our students to each other by encouraging them to join a PYM Small Group where they’ll learn more about how to grow in their own personal relationship with God.

Join us this week!

PYM+ on Sunday Mornings

PYM+ is a gatherings on Sunday mornings during the regular school year while the Worship Encounter service (11am) is happening at Parksville Baptist Church. 

It is a chance for Christian junior high school students (grade 6 to 8) to experience learning, reading, and discussing the Bible in a small group setting with a caring adult leading and guiding them. 

It's free and, although there is no registration required, we do strongly encourage youth to make the weekly gathering a high priority for attendance.

There are a few weeks where we don't meet so that students can stay in the church service to worship and learn together with the entire gathering and their families.

See you there!


The following are the large-group teaching portions from the 2015/2016 lessons. The focus of the year was the BIG STORY of GOD in the BIBLE, so feel free to take a listen and see what we discovered ...

Week One: Beginnings [audio]
Week Two: First Humans [audio]
Week Three: Separation [audio]
Week Four: Cain and Abel [audio]
Week Five: The Flood [audio]
Week Six: The Covenant [not available]
Week Seven: Review #1
Week Eight: Isaac [audio]
Week Nine: Jacob and Esau [audio]
Week Ten: Joseph [audio]
Week Eleven: Moses [audio]
Week Twelve: The Passover [audio]
Week Thirteen:Law and Commands [audio]
Week Fourteen:Review #2
Week Fifteen: Sacrifices [audio]
Week Sixteen: Judges, Kings and Prophets [audio]
Week Seventeen: Birth of Jesus [audio]
Week Eighteen: Baptism and Temptation[audio]
Week Nineteen: Jesus and the Pharisees[audio]
Week Twenty: The Kingdom[audio]
Week Twenty-One: Miracles[audio]
Week Twenty-Two: New Covenant [not available]
Week Twenty-Three: Death and Resurrection [audio]
Week Twenty-Four: The Church[audio]
Week Twenty-Five: Review #3