Empowering Parents - Media Workshop

Here are a number of the links that were referred to during the December 11th, 2013 Parent's Seminar on Teens and Media:

What A Constantly Plugged-In Life Is Doing To Kids' Bodies (Huffington Post article):


Directions for Turning On the iOS7 'Porn Filter':


Information on the MetaCert Safeguard App for computers and tablets:

Click Here for Link

Article on SnapChat that was referenced:


Article on Ask.FM that was referenced:


PYM MS Goes Harlem Shake

It's Spring 2013 and that means that everyone is making a "Harlem Shake" video ... so PYM Middle School figured that they'd whip up their own version ...

The funny thing is ... this is basically what a typical Middle School youth group night at PYM looks like!  Well, ok, so there may not be large yellow ducks and kids dancing with bizarre hats - but there could be ...

If you're in middle school, why not come join us on Friday night at 7pm ... you can expect some great memory-making fun, probably some singing with the band, some teaching from the Bible that makes sense to your middle school life, and you'll walk away from the evening glad you came!

Enjoy our gift to you ...

Join the PYM Leadership Team

A common question asked around the PYM Office is, "Can I join the Leadership Team?"

It's a great question ... check out the information below and we'd love to explore the possibility with you!

Looking for the "Returning
Leadership Application"?

(download it HERE)

 There are three key areas where we have leadership opportunities:

  1. Mid-Week Programs (Junior and High School)
  2. Small Groups (PYM+ for Middle School and PYM Small Groups for High School)
  3. The Mid-Week Support Team (admin, food, setup and tear-down, etc)

You might be wondering if there are special skills that you need?  Thankfully, abilities with the nunchucks aren't required skills at PYM!

What we are looking for is people who have a passion for spiritual growth, both in their own lives, and in the lives of students, and people who simply love middle school and/or high school students, and want to invest in their lives relationally, and spiritually.

 So, still interested?  Then you'll want to know how to apply ... and we promise that it will be pretty pain-less.

Here is what we need you to do:

  1. Download the Application Form for joining the leadership team (download HERE )
  2. Return the completed application to Parksville Baptist Church (address HERE)
  3. Download two copies of the Reference Form and have two people who know you well fill one each in and return them to Parksville Baptist Church (download HERE)

Once we've received and reviewed your Application and the two Reference Forms, we'll contact you to:

  1. Participate in an interview which we will set up with you after we've received your Application and References
  2. Complete a Criminal Record Check with the RCMP - Parksville Detachment (we provide you with this form following the interview)

Following the interview and receipt of the Criminal Record Check (a requirement for all those working with minors at Parksville Baptist Church) we'll let you know if your application has been accepted, and assuming it has, then comes the "Welcome Party!" (or maybe just a hug or handshake!!)

We hope to see you join the team!